Top 6 crypto and blockchain projects to watch in Q4

2021 has been an interesting year for crypto and blockchain. After an impressive 2020 which has seen the industry not only survive the pandemic but come out with more institutional support than ever before, 2021 has been the year to build on that foundation.

And build it did. 2021 has seen some of the most ambitious projects in the industry that constantly stretch our imaginations on what blockchain can do. As we move into the final quarter of the year, a number of industry projects are on course to close 2021 on a high note. For blockchain and crypto watchers, here are the top 6 crypto and blockchain projects for the last quarter:

In the world of DeFi, few platforms are as influential as PancakeSwap. With over $ 14 billion in funds stranded on the platform, it is one of the largest decentralized exchanges in the world. Besides the huge amounts of cash traded daily on PancakeSwap, the platform also offers an NFT marketplace for verified collectibles, cash pools, and more.

PancakeSwap has been serving the DeFi market for about a year after it was founded by anonymous developers and was hugely successful around that time. Given the trajectory of blockchain and DeFi in particular, we’ll likely see them for a long time to come.
In the age of opaque and rigid medical records, Immunify.Life ushers in a new era of digital disease health registry and self-sovereign identification using AI, NFTs, and the Cardano blockchain. Immunify.Life is a unique fully functional and decentralized ecosystem combining personal health records and electronic medical records.

The Immunify.Life ecosystem includes the Immunify.Life platform, an IMM token, and a simple, user-friendly mobile app. It creates a non-custodial, interoperable and decentralized environment where patients have full control of their data at all times. However, patients can choose to provide their private data to professionals, doctors, institutions, investors and governments for a better global healthcare system.

To learn more about Immunify.Life, visit

Yield application
Launched in February 2021, YIELD App is a digital wealth management platform that allows its users to invest in USDT, USDC, Ether and Bitcoin for an APY of up to 20.5%. In just eight months since its launch, it now has more than $ 350 million in assets under management, 60,000 users and a partnership with Premier League football club West Ham United. It is a wealth management solution for individual and institutional users, with more than 60 companies and family offices clients in Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, visit

Ethereum Swarm
Originally from the Ethereum Foundation, it is a project that extends Ethereum in the computer world as an operating system of web3. While Ethereum with its smart contracts represents the processor, Swarm takes care of the hard drive and messaging, giving content creators sovereignty and scalable infrastructure.

Resilient to human error, technological forces, or any legal, political or economic pressure, returns ownership of data to individuals, shifting costs from developers to consumers. This saves innovative start-ups time and money by allowing them to scale quickly without putting in place funding for deployment needs.

Cabital allows users to safely earn passive income with their cryptocurrencies. Its key product, Cabital Earn, a wealth management platform, enables clients to achieve higher returns on investment of up to 12% APY. It does not require minimum or maximum deposits and does not charge a fee for depositing digital assets. The recently integrated SEPA payment allows Euro holders to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency assets with any Euro amount and at the best rates in the industry. Cabital Earn offers free Euro bank deposits, daily accrued interest, and makes it easy to track crypto assets and investing anytime, anywhere.

XDC Network
XDC Network is an EVM-enabled blockchain powered by the Conesus XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS) scalable mechanism. XDC reduces transaction fees by 95% while enabling transaction completion in two seconds. XDC Network is also open source, cross-channel compatible, and scalable. The XDC network requires 3 million times less power than that required by Ethereum-based PoW mining operations, making it more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

A use case on the XDC network was recently demonstrated by Tradeteq, a company developing technology for the distribution of banking assets. Tradeteq executed the world’s first non-fungible token (NFT) trade finance-based transaction on the XDC network.

The XDC network has been around for over 2 years and has improved with every step. Recently released information regarding a potential upgrade to XDPoS 2.0 suggests a network with accountability, attribution, and forensic capabilities. The continuous updating and positive feedback from the community make XDC Network one of the top projects to watch in the coming months.

The year is not completely over and the blockchain and crypto industry still has some exciting projects up its sleeve, like the ones above. Whether it’s earning an income or creating an innovative foundation for future projects, these are definitely one to watch out for.

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