The town and village of Massena organize special meetings to finalize the transfer of the rescue team | Health issues

MASSENA – With a Friday deadline of 11:59 p.m. looming, city and village officials will meet on Thursday morning to complete the process of approving the transfer of Massena’s rescue team from the city to the village.

The two boards met last week, but couldn’t finalize the transfer until an agreement with the Massena Rescue Squad was approved.

At the village board meeting, the trustees approved resolutions authorizing a municipal cooperation agreement for the operation and maintenance of an inter-municipal rescue squad, and authorizing an EMS asset transfer agreement. / rescue squad.

Trustee Francis J. Carvel voted against both resolutions. At a meeting in October, he told administrators he had heard concerns about the potential costs the village might have to absorb with the transfer before receiving any income.

The Trustees filed resolutions authorizing an agreement with Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit Inc., authorizing an agreement with E5 Support Services for purposes related to emergency medical services and authorizing an agreement with the City of Louisville to provide ambulance services generals.

E5 Support Services, a professional recruiting, training, consulting and billing agency for emergency medical services agencies, oversees the Massena Rescue Squad from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., while volunteers staff it from 6 p.m. to 6 h.

A resolution approves an agreement between the Village, Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit and the City of Louisville to provide general ambulance services to transport ill or injured people within Louisville city limits to hospitals or other places of processing, effective January 1. The cost to the city of Louisville would be $ 7,000.

A second resolution approves and authorizes a professional services agreement between the village, Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit and E5 Support Services, as of January 1. The agreement is for a period of one year, from January 1 to December 31, 2022, at the rate of $ 244,314.97.

Mayor Gregory M. Paquin told administrators that the agreements with E5 Support Services and the City of Louisville were ready, but not the agreement with the Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit.

“Until we get the MVEU contract it just doesn’t make sense to move on at this point,” Paquin said.

The municipal council of Massena met the next day, but like the village council, could not finalize the transfer.

“The main part of the agenda was supposed to be about the transfer of the Massena Rescue Squad from town to town. However, there was a small clash with the village and the MVEU, Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit in their negotiations for a contract, ”said city supervisor Steven D. O’Shaughnessy. “So we are not in a position to move forward until they are resolved. So we won’t talk about it today.

Former mayor Timothy J. Ahlfeld and Mr. O’Shaughnessy announced in September that the village would take over the management of the city’s relief team at the end of the year.

They said discussions had been underway between the town and the village for several months regarding the potential transfer of the relief team and its assets to the village, and that a “huge amount of work” had already been done. by both parties behind the scenes.

The Massena Volunteer Emergency Unit is currently contracting with the city to provide rescue team services, and this contract will be transferred to the village in early 2022. The city will pay the bills generated until December 31 and the village will take over. payment in January. The city will keep all resource recovery money generated by the Rescue Team until the end of the year.

The transfer will place the village in the management of three security components – Massena Rescue Squad, Massena Volunteer Fire Department and Massena Police Department.

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