Tabacs can now help you with your administrator in France

On these new computer terminals, you can buy train tickets, sort the car registration certificate (gray card), change your address, scan and email documents – and if you get stuck, the merchant is here to help.

The terminals in tobacco were developed by Proxigital, the company behind the Nickel Account “bank accounts without bank” service, now taken over by BNP Paribas.

The “ Nickel Account ” bank accounts, opened in tobacconists, provide simple current accounts, without overdraft, with a card and bank details – a lifeline for those who have problems with banks but need ‘an account to pay salaries.

Anne-Sophie Perrachon, President of Proxigital, declared: “Working on Compte Nickel really opened my eyes to the ability to tobacco in France to be close to people.

“When BNP Paribas bought us, it gave me the opportunity to do something else, but it made sense to work in the same field as before. There is a real demand from people who would otherwise be excluded by the move of stores and administration from real places to the Internet. “

The new terminals, called La Borne des Buralistes, will serve the 13% of the French population who, according to estimates, do not have Internet access at home and who do not have or do not know how to use the Internet on smartphones.

45 terminals like these are already in use

Other day-to-day tasks that could be accomplished there include viewing insurance sites, purchasing insurance online, and taking digital photos. The first 45 terminals are already in service and at least 300 more will be deployed in 2021, followed by 1000 per year until all tobacco the knowledge. They are assembled in two factories in France.

In the future, you will be able to pay bills, transfer money, fill out official forms, or even top up your phone.

The terminals are free for tobacco owners, who receive a commission from Proxigital for each service performed – and the promise of more people in their stores.

Proxigital will earn money with companies and companies whose services are in its machines.

The prices of products such as insurance are negotiated so that customers receive offers at least equal to the lowest prices on the Internet. Like gas pumps, the screens will display advertising when the terminals are not in use.

As a start-up, the company is prohibited from offering services such as digital tax returns or other government services. After three years, he intends to bid to be able to supply them as well.

Tobacco have been affected by the rise in cigarette prices and have since looked for ways to diversify. Another company to see their potential is the Brinks money transfer service. He plans to launch Point Cash Service.

People can shop online and then enter a tobacco with a barcode and pay their goods in cash.

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