Police in Singapore and Malaysia dismantle two transnational unions that carried out scams targeting job seekers


The joint operation followed “extensive collaboration” and information sharing between the SPF and the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP), police said.

During the operation in Malaysia, SPF’s Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) and RMP’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department raided several locations. They arrested seven men and a woman, aged 22 to 24.

Simultaneously in Singapore, officers from CAD and seven police ground divisions arrested six men and a woman, aged 17 to 44.

Based on preliminary investigations, these seven individuals allegedly facilitated union crimes by making bank transfers, withdrawing funds or abandoning their bank accounts for monetary gain, the SPF said.

“Transnational crime syndicates will target you if you are not careful and believe their promises of high commissions for minimal work or high interest rates for term deposits are genuine,” Deputy Director of Financial Investigations said. from the CAD, Ian Wong.

SPF will continue to work closely with its Malaysian counterparts to detect and deter transnational unions “who use the anonymity of the Internet to commit crimes,” Wong said.

“We will also take firm action against money mules in Singapore who sell their bank accounts to these unions or actively help them launder their proceeds of crime.”

Police have warned job seekers to be wary of job advertisements that promise high pay for relatively straightforward job responsibilities.

“Legitimate businesses will not require job seekers to use their own bank accounts to receive money on behalf of businesses, or to make upfront payments to secure job postings and earn commissions,” he said. declared SPF.

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