Ownership transfers July 17 | Ownership transfers

Rodgers, William P. and Rodgers, Wanda M. to Day, John Preston, Lot County.

Langley Builders Inc. in Donaubauer, Elyse Marie, Lot 325, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $ 110,000.

Rowell, Leonard H. to Cutter, Teresa R., Section A Lot No.9 (9), Shearbrook Sub.

Cutter, Teresa R. to Rowell, Brittany Rebecca and Rowell, Donald M. and Rowell, Sarah Martin, Lot # nine (9) from Section A, Shearbrook Sub.

Martin, Kenneth Wesley to Sanders, Jonathan and Sanders, Amanda, Tract C-1, County, $ 18,000.

Bumpus, Ralph David and Bumpus, Mary Kathryn to Farmer, Richard G. and Farmer, Alysia C., Condominiums 10 and 12 Woodland Court, horizontal ownership regime, units L-2 and U-11 Meadowgreen horizontal ownership regime, $ 139,000.

Parr, Cynthia W. and Whatley, Keith Wayne and Whatley, Keith to Allen, Vernon and Allen Toula, Parcels County, $ 190,000.

Greenwood, Mary Katherine and Greenwood, Mary K. to Williams, Craig S., Lot 84, Winding Creek Sub., Ph. III, $ 185,000.

Smith, Wade L. III to Smith, Wade L. IV, Lots County.

Ferqueron, Jerry and Ferqueron, Sherry E. to Ferqueron, Jerry and Ferqueron, Sherry E., Lot # 29, Avondale Sub.

Brantley, Terry O. and Brantley, Allison S. to Carter, Steven P. and Yates, Rhianna E., Lot 28, Verandah Beach to Grand Harbor, $ 95,000.

Hoxit, Ray to Elrod, Cynthia Massey Trustee and Elrod, Stanley Wayne Trustee and Stanley Wayne Elrod Revocable Trust and Elrod, Stanley Wayne Revocable Trust and Cynthia Massey Elrod Revocable Trust and Elrod, Cynthia Massey Revocable Trust, Parcel County, $ 181,000.

Scott, Lena M. to Glymph, Joseph S. and Glymph, Dianna J., Lot County, $ 545,000.

Gosling, Marc and Gosling, Janet to Cook, Laverne and Langfitt, Shelby, Unit F, The Commons, $ 133,000.

Kodiaksue, Enterprises LLC and Chip Shot Venture LLC in Rosborough, Sheila A. and Rosborough, David C., Lot 8, Verde Court, Stoney Point, $ 21,000.

Applbaum, Stewart M. to Applbaum, Stewart Marshall Trustee and Applbaum, Stewart Living Trust and Stewart Applbaum Living Trust, Lot 23, Grand Harbor Ph I.

Farmer, Frank A. and Farmer, Terry K. to Cupic, Jordan S. and Cupic, Aleksa, Lot / Unit 13, Bradford Place, $ 109,500.

Burdette & Mcdill LLC and Burdette And Mcdill LLC to Making Magic LLC, Lot City, $ 600,000.

Findley, Ernest E. Jr. and Findley, Elizabeth A. to Rebollar, Bernie and Camacho, Erika T., Lot 96, Patriot Plantation, $ 12,000.

Frederick, Don to Thompson, Kayla and Frederick, Don, Lot County.

Upstate Investment Partners LLC to Jones, Kristoff K. and Freeman, Frank Jr., Lot 322, Sec. 1, Mathews Plant Sub., $ 99,000.

Blackmon, Nicholas E. and Blackmon, Amanda N. and Forrester, Denise and Forrester, Brian Thomas in Capley, Victor J., Tract 5.00A, County, $ 135,000.

Graybeal Construction & Design LLC and Graybeal Construction And Design LLC to Scott, Lena Weeks, Lot 192-A, Stoney Point Sub., $ 383,854.

Massey, Eric to Forrest, Amy, Lots, County.

Massey, Eric Todd to Forrest, Amy Y., Lot County.

CMH Homes Inc. in Reeves, Sandra, Lot 39, Brightwater Bay, Ph. III, $ 125,670.

Normandy 2 Properties LLC in Barrett, Sally A., Lot 36, Edgefield Heights Sub., $ 46,500.

Calfee, Michael F. Trustee and Calfee, Betty J. Estate Family Trust and Betty J. Calfee Estate Family Trust to Boone, Terry W. and Setzler, Shannon D., Pt. Lot 30, Cherokee Hills Sub., $ 140,000.

Fisher, Rhonda Renee and Massey, Rhonda Renee in Mccarty, Justin Blake and Mc Carty, Justin Blake, Lot County, $ 96,500.

Moseley, Ronald Martin to Gambrell, Jennie Olivia, Lot, Laurel Road and Lot A, County.

Sparrows Properties LLC to KRBQ LLC, Lot C-4, Brightwater Bay, $ 30,000.

Kirk, Timothy R. and Kirk, Joan to Baker, Alan and Baker, Wanda, Lot A-36, Gatewood Sub., $ 400,000.

Thomas, Christopher R. and Thomas, Jordan P. to KWA Home LLC, Pt. Lot 1 Cokesbury Street, $ 70,275.

Lam, Toan Nhan to Nguyen, Kimberly, Lot 23, The Willows Sub.

Young, Charles Len to Young, Charles Len and Young, Melony A, County of Parcels.

Young, Charles Len and Young, Melony A. and Young, Melony to Young, Charles Len and Young, Melony A., County of Parcels.

Curry, Desimond Omar at Escalante, Filadelfo Perez and Perez, Escalante Filadelfo and Alfaro, Lucas Lorena Diolanda and Lucas, Lorena Diolanda Alfaro, Lot 20, Property Ruben Williams, $ 50,000.

Mount Vernon Chemicals LLC to Ware Shoals Chemical LLC, Parcels County, $ 242,000.

Padgett, Alexa to Kennedy, Elaine F., Lot, Highside Street, $ 77,000.

Willner, Steven L. and Willner, Mary K. to Willner, Brian T., Lot County.

Vail, Harriet Lynn in Wells, David Sterling and Wells, Eljem Apple White, Lots 7-10, Blk. F, Blyth Heights submarine.

Rhyne, Geoffrey S. and Rhyne, Kelly B. and Rhyne, Kellly to Martin, Jacob R. and Martin, Erin W., Lot # C-44, Stonewood Sub., Ph. II, $ 295,000.

Moore, Dearyl Wayne Jr. and Moore, Dearyl W. Jr. at East Coast Tire & Small Engine LLC and East Coast Tire And Small Engine LLC, Lot 6-A County.

Edwards, Paula Sue Brown and Edwards, Sue to Edwards Joseph Ben Jr. and Brode, Stephanie E. and Goodman, Sharolyn E., Lot 191, Belle Meade Sub.

Adams, Emily Anne to Adams, Donna T. and Adams, Francis W., Parcel County, $ 0.

Smith, Rorer L. and Smith, Tammy L. to Sally, Jennifer, Lot # C-26, Harborside Island Patio Home Section C, $ 725,000.

Retreat Real Estate Group LLC to RT Bailey Construction Inc., Lot 18, The Retreat At Grand Harbor, $ 40,000.

Rakes, Michael Spencer Trustee and Rakes, James Michael Revocable Trust and James Michael Rakes Revocable Trust to Rakes, Michael Spencer, Lots 7, 8 and 9 Bradford Place.

Rakes, Michael Spencer Trustee and Rakes, James Michael Revocable Trust and James Michael Rakes Revocable Trust in Rakes, Michael Spencer, Parcels County.

Rakes, Michael Spencer Trustee and Rakes, Joyce E. Family Trust and Joyce E. Rakes Family Trust in Rakes, Michael Spencer, Parcels County.

Tisdale, Norris S. and Tisdale, Brenda S. in Tisdale, Brenda Shook Trustee and Tisdale, Brenda Shook Revocable Trust and Brenda Shook Tisdale Revocable Trust and Tisdale, Norris Stanley and Tisdale, Brenda Shook, Lot 72, Harborside Sub.

Special Arbitrator and Turner, Cody C. and Turner, Kayla B. to Jeter, Nancy P. Estate and Nancy P. Jeter Estate and Jeter, Dexter G. II, Per. Rep., Lot. No.39, Circle Street.

Townsend, James Curtis and Townsend, Robert at 424 Roseland LLC, Lot 3, Section B, Roseland Sub., $ 80,000.

Lowery, Beverly Daniel and Lowery, Cynthia Lynn and Floyd, Tara Lowery in Perry, Cynthia L., Lots A & B, Asbury Road, $ 15,300.

Vines, Carolyn R. to Evans, Crystal V. and Evans, Thomas W. Jr., Lot, County.

Thompson, David R. Jr. and Thompson, Melissa H. at Mark III Properties LLC, Tract 4, County, $ 32,000.

Hart, Clara E. and Hart, Clara B. to Nicholson, Jodie Hart and Hart, Artemus O. and Hart, Clara E., Lots, County.

Rubio, Oscar to Parra, Guadalupe, Part of Lot # 7, Briggs-Reynolds Sub., $ 5,000.

Lancaster, Boyce Stephen and Lancaster, Vivian C. in Satterfield, Christopher Ray and Boswell, Amber Austin, Lot 15, Saddle Hill Sub., Ph. I, $ 190,000.

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