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The Constitution, the law, the courts all say: taxpayers bear these costs, not teachers or parents

Several teachers at Detroit public schools recently asked parents to donate money to help pay for school supplies instead of teacher appreciation gifts.

This is according to a recent Detroit Free Press history.

However, Michigan law clearly states that school districts must provide teachers with necessary supplies. Detroit’s Public School Community District begins raising $ 1.27 billion in new federal COVID-19 stimulus spending.

In a 2011 note, the Michigan Department of Education clarified the classroom supplies that school districts must provide free of charge to teachers and students.

These include – among other things – crayons, paper, colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks.

And the Detroit District spent millions on school supplies during the 2019-20 school year.

For example, the district spent $ 3.5 million while on supplies at a business called School Specialty. The district also spent $ 465,178 at Ricoh USA, $ 292,289 at Office Depot and $ 52,835 at Arrow Office Supply in 2019-2020.

Michigan’s constitution requires the legislature to “maintain and support a system of free public elementary and secondary schools as defined by law.” The courts have held that this responsibility includes the provision of school supplies.

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