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Inspired by her late husband, Carrie McCarty’s latest business venture in Birdsboro offers local vendors the opportunity to sell a variety of products directly to the public, including dog treats, home decor, and large furniture.

Magnolia dreams of a merchant in the mainIs located in the main stores along National Road 724 on the west side of the Autonomous Region and opened in the old clinic on June 6. The store has more than 40 vendors and sells products in 7 different rooms.

“I’ll be using all corners of the building,” McCarty said. “The hallways are used. We have all the suppliers and they stock theirs.

McCarty, Roo Hoo’s shopHe said the business would meet demand as there are few vintage-style gift shops between Reading and the Phoenix Building.

And that wouldn’t have happened without a loving push from Thomas McCarty, who passed away in 2016. Fight lung cancer.

“When we started this adventure, my husband said he would support any crazy dream I had,” said Carrie McCarty.

When Thomas started making baby necklaces after returning from the hospital, seeds of Magnolia Dreams were planted and she said she needed a hobby to relieve her anxiety.

“When we got home he told me I needed a hobby,” Carrie said. “We talked a little more and he said, ‘Your anxiety is the ping pong of my anxiety, and my anxiety is the ping pong of your anxiety, and that’s the only thing it does. Empire. I think we need to do something. “

Carrie was already very busy with Roo Hoo’s, a custom accessories business that started in 2015, and also looked after daycare until all the kids were old. She said Thomas’ encouragement was a guide in the development of Magnolia Dreams.

“I want to thank Tom for believing in me enough to start believing in me,” Carrie said.

There seemed to be a way around potential obstacles.

“He was 100% behind this dream. I swear he led people in my way, ”she said. “In 2018, I was on the daycare and Roo Hoo side and it was time for all the kids to go to kindergarten or preschool. I gave it away for 6 months and saw what was going to happen. I said let’s go. I didn’t have to take it. The kids are back because Roo Hoo’s was able to provide my kids and me. “

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was a disaster for many small businesses. She did it in partnership with Dennis Benfield Courtyard sign supporting the Class of 2020 Because the students were deprived of the traditional graduation ceremony. It also led to more business opportunities.

“(Benfield) And I ended up selling around 1,500 senior brands,” she said. “My friend contacted me and asked if I could throw a painting party. From August to December, there were 25 painting evenings.

Find a name

The name Magnolia Dreams Mercantile was born out of the desire to give a distinctive Monica from a similar company.

“Magnolia just kept ringing no matter what we did,” said McCarty. “Everyone uses“ from the market ”or“ vintage ”. When you throw words, it’s not like using commercialism. This is how we arrived. Magnolia, I was thinking of flowers, but suddenly Magnolia came to mind. ”

The walk can be slow during the summer, but McCarty will also give you time to spread information for the next giveaway season.

“We opened in June, which gives us time to spread our name and increase our customer base,” said McCarty. “June and July are the last months of the year. Why are you opening later this year? It’s late now. If you open in August, August, September, October, you want to be busy during those months. You open no later than this year, put your name on it, and advertise wherever you can. “

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