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At the recent commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, China’s “life president” Xi Jinping intoned that China’s rise to world domination is a “historic inevitability” and that China will not. will be more “intimidated, subjugated” by foreign nations. “Anyone who dares to try,” President Xi told a delirious and choreographed crowd in Tiananmen Square, “will have their head banged against a large wall of forged steel. more than 1.4 billion Chinese ”.

President Xi wants to project himself into the world as a scholar, wise, gentle, protector of Chinese ideals and culture. We wish to respect Chinese ideals and culture, especially the Chinese narrative around the foreign occupation, and hope for better relations. But China is playing a double game by using our free and open society.

Currently, there are no federal restrictions on the amount of land that can be held by foreigners. It was left to the states to set these limits. Six states – Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Oklahoma – currently prohibit foreign ownership of US farmland. When it comes to an issue that so directly affects national security, the supply chain, rural America, its values, its communities, its family farms, a piecemeal approach calls for a more national response. large.

With two-thirds of American family farms likely to change hands over the next few decades, some of that land could end up in foreign hands in perpetuity, with no chance of returning to the United States. When land is owned by outsiders, the benefits do not flow entirely to rural communities, further eroding rural life.

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