Local lawmakers support special session on COVID-19 issues |

Local lawmakers say they hope this week’s special session of the Tennessee General Assembly produces legislation that protects Tennessee residents from government excesses.

State Senator Rusty Crowe, R-Johnson City and State Representatives Rebecca Alexander, R-Jonesborough and Tim Hicks, R-Gray, told reporters they expected the debate focuses on restricting government mandates calling for COVID-19 immunizations and face masks.

Alexander said she believed House Speaker Cameron Sexton and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally “pointed out some very important issues that the legislature should weigh, such as excessive care mandates. health”.

The Washington County lawmaker also said that “vaccines are essential tools in the fight against infectious diseases, but the Biden administration’s unconstitutional mandate for vaccines for Americans is an unprecedented expansion and abuse of federal power. “.

Alexander said she hopes her constituents will give her their thoughts on the matter before the special session begins on Wednesday.

“It’s a very emotional issue and I understand the frustration people feel,” Alexander said. “I will pray that our General Assembly makes the right decisions. “

Likewise, Hicks said he was confident to hear from his constituents in the coming days. Hicks said he and his fellow lawmakers were seeking guidance on many controversial issues related to COVID.

“A lot has happened since the General Assembly left Nashville in May,” he said. “Now is a good time to try to get some clarification on these issues for the benefit of all Tennesseans.”

Hicks said he hopes lawmakers will be able to sort out a number of COVID-related issues this week so that the General Assembly can address other important topics when it returns to regular session in January.

“Vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory,” he said. “It’s a personal choice.”

Crowe said many of his constituents have “made it very clear” that they would like their state government to address the vaccine employer mandates at the federal level. The senator said he believes in personal choice in vaccines and a “limited government approach” to dealing with the pandemic.

“The people I serve are opposed to immunization warrants, especially when related to the possibility of losing their jobs due to refusal to be vaccinated against COVID,” he said. “I am with them 100 percent. We do not support the COVID vaccine warrants in Tennessee and if we are to fight in court, so be it.

“It’s about paychecks and personal choices”

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