Suggestions for the board

Regarding my thoughts on the Parole Board printed last month: I thought about this question and realized that some of my recommendations might be unrealistic. It takes a while for someone to learn their job, and I suspect the learning curve for most board members would be six months. Knowing this, a three-year term may be a better recommendation. In addition, the president should have the right to recommend the removal of any board member who is not in office.

The board should have a chairman and a vice-chairman who would act in the absence of the chairman.

The law governing the board of directors and its operating procedures needs a major overhaul. I will work with interested parties to propose changes to the existing law. My hope is to get sponsors for the new law on both sides of the aisle before I present it to the governor.

By involving others in the process, recommendations for better functioning of the board would result, and I am sure they would be welcomed by our next governor. I’m sure she would agree that it’s time for a rewrite.


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Management is not our job

To reader James Hatch regarding the inability of Biden voters to “manage” Trump: why should Americans “manage” their president? Shouldn’t he make them proud? Shouldn’t he speak well of humanity and the American ideal? Confidence is worth nothing without empathy, and bravado without skill is just stupid.

Let Trump and Trumpism be forgotten.


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The core values ​​of a person

I have always been suspicious of people who preface the letters on the Voices page by saying things like “I was a Baptist” or I was a Republican. “When you have real core values ​​and beliefs, it’s difficult, even impossible. to change. These values ​​are what motivates you and help you to keep the faith that you will spend the day and be better for it. Yes, we can temporarily move away from these core values, but they are still there , seated in our character, in our hearts and in our own being.

In 1852, Alvan E. Bovay met Horace Greeley in New York City in an attempt to break up the Whig Party and bring together anti-slavery elements to form a new party. It took two more years to build the new Republican Party. It was made up of Whigs, Democrats and free-soilers, all of whom shared similar “core values” even though they were from different parties.

I will not go into fundamental religious values, but I will say this about fundamental political values. Not all Republicans have Republican core values, and they probably never have. Many Democrats don’t have democratic core values ​​either. There are extremists in both parties who seek to destroy. My whole family was a Democrat with Republican core values ​​but just didn’t know it. Limited government, low taxes, controlled immigration, right to bear arms, restrictions on abortion (with exceptions), deregulation where possible, maintenance of public order, freedom from government excesses, strong national defense , quality public education free from mandates that divide our children and force them to adopt racist mentalities and a capitalism where everyone is free to be whatever they want to be.

Either you have these core values ​​or you don’t and probably never.


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