Justice Department’s national terrorism document could trap Biden’s criticism, professor tells Tucker

A Justice Department brief titled “National Strategy to Combat Domestic Terrorism” was released this week with great fanfare by Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, but a political scientist warns that the current text proves even the most critical critic. The Biden administration’s flippancy could be trapped. in its definition, and therefore liable to sanctions.

In “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Nicholas Giordano – who host Tucker Carlson described as an expert on government documents – and who is also a professor at Suffolk Community College in Selden, NY, warned that Garland’s document is “one of the most worrying” that he has ever studied.

“When you look at it, it is clear that the [legal] the analysts on the ground did not write this document, it was the political appointees who were trying to push an agenda forward. They list three factors behind domestic terrorism: the first is racism, “he said.

Extrapolating from the fact that the term “racism” is never formally defined in the document outside of the idea of ​​white supremacy, Giordano noted that the Biden administration and its political allies include people who believe racism is ” inherent “from birth.

“The question then is whether we are born ‘domestic terrorists'” within the framework of this new agenda, asked Giordano.

Another principle of what the document describes as “domestic terrorism” is “anti-government sentiment”.

In its simplest terminology, that would be sentiment against the government.

With the Biden administration rapidly expanding federal power, weakening federalism and inflating debt, Giordano noted that the antithesis to this would be expressions in favor of limited government.

One example he gave was of the millions of Americans who opposed the coronavirus socio-economic lockdown measures.

“If you look at the coronavirus and question the warrants as unconstitutional, well, you are classified as ‘anti-authority.’ Think about it. More than 1,200 public health officials have signed a letter stating that if you protest against it. blockades are white nationalism, ”he noted, referring to a separate letter from 2020.

“So we have these vague terms that are used and that could really encompass anything. In the document it talks about violence. We all hate violence and it should not be tolerated in any way. This document goes a lot. further. He talks about incitement and what can incite domestic terrorism, “he added.

“He doesn’t give an explanation except that the government – the powers that be – will determine what ‘incitement’ means: but on page ten there are a few examples if you question the 2020 election. or if you talk about COVID and questioned the warrants that went out, – or engage in what the government considers a conspiracy, which can incite domestic terrorism and therefore you can be punished for it. “

So by extension, if someone tweeted that they thought the 2020 election should be called into question or audited in any way, the current administration could view it as a conspiracy, and therefore subject to scrutiny. of DOJ and a potential sanction under Garland’s document.


“Then the document spells out the four pillars and how it will come back and push back domestic terrorism:

You see widespread surveillance of American civilians. You see a partnership with big technologies, the financial sector; to abandon America’s private information. You see the censorship. “

Host Tucker Carlson responded by calling the new rules a “fascist document” contrary to the US system of governance.

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