James Reid Lends Billy Crawford $ 5 Million In Cash?

WHAT will you do if a friend in need asks if you can lend them £ 5million? James Reid’s reaction to Billy Crawford’s story of bad luck made Internet users wish, “Sana all friend si James Reid!”

On the episode of TV5’s midday show, Lunch Out Loud (LOL), Billy called James to ask if he could borrow a huge amount of money. Billy said in his introduction, “iiwan niya ba ako sa era o mahal ako ng kapatid kong si James Reid?” Co-host Ariel Rivera joked, “Kapag pumayag siya, uutang din ako.”

As everyone calmed down inside the studio, Billy dialed James’ number. When James answered his call, Billy first asked him about his day and congratulated him on his ex-girlfriend Nadine Luster’s album, which James produced. Billy then proceeded to his prank.

The Setup: Billy asks James for a huge loan as he is on the verge of losing his house. The LOL host said, “Look, James, I hate doing this to you, bro. I’m in a major bind right now. I have a big problem. I’m really embarrassed, sorry brother. I’m a little stressed and need help. Ever since the whole pandemic started, we all try to move on and do our thing. But the problem is, for a very long time, six, seven months, I didn’t “Haven’t made any money at all, have I? So obviously you know where this is going, bro. I’m about to lose my house.”

James’ only reaction was, “No way. Billy continued, “Yeah, bro, I’m about to lose my house. Like, I’m given a few months to pay off. So, I need you, brother. Are you okay if I can love, borrow, say, upfront on five million? “James replied,” Okay, right now my situation is most of my money is in Australia so I have about *** here with me. ”The amount of money James mentioned was beeping. LOL hosts were surprised to hear this.

Billy said to James, “Oh, fuck, you know, I don’t really want to do this to you, bro, because I don’t want to feel embarrassed.” But any amount right now will do, whatever you can. James replied, “I am ready to help. No problem. I’ll get back to you. I just can’t leave where I am right now.

Billy said he could cry anytime with whatever happened to him, which James said he understood. After his screenplay, Billy said his wife Coleen Garcia knew nothing about their financial problems! He said to James, “I don’t tell my wife everything because she just gave birth. I have a new child and this is really messed up. “

He then gave the amount he needed, “Will you be able to do like really quickly, maybe less than a week, like P2.5 or P3 million at least, or whatever you can?” Or even P500,000 or P150.00, I’m really desperate right now.

To add more drama to his story, Billy told James that he sold his car and could borrow a car from him. He said, “Please don’t tell anyone, but I sold my car two days ago because I really need the funds. Do you mind, like I have a job tomorrow, do you mind if you can lend me a car? James didn’t think twice and said to Billy, “Actually, no problem, man.”

Billy, playing it all the way, put it on it, “You think I might like to put this on… I can take your car and then I can probably sell it?” “Fro, promise, I can sell it, but I can give you back more than I actually borrow from you.”

James did not react to the suggestion but said he would arrange a money transfer as soon as possible. James said to Billy, “Okay, let me transfer the amount I have in the bank right now to you.” Most of my money is in Australia, but I plan to bring back a lot of it anyway because of the way things are here. So I’ll keep you posted, I’ll get back to you during the day.

Billy then asked his friend, “But are you upset? Are you mad at me? “James replied,” No, not at all. I totally understand you. You have a child. Yeah, I understand, man. I know it’s not easy. But I am here for you, my brother. I fully understand. “

Billy, appearing insistent as part of the prank, hugged James a little more. He continued, “But, brother, I hate to pressure you, I need an answer like now, if I can. How much at least so I can tell my wife. is safe to say, “Look, James was there, he helped me,” this and that. “

James told Billy to give him until lunchtime to find something. Billy then asked if James could at least lend him a few thousand pesos: “You think you can send at least P0,000? Brother, I just need it to send it to my wife’s account so we can pay some bills, the diapers … I mean, she’s breastfeeding so that’s cool. But diapers, my brother, are a bit expensive. I will not lie. P1 500, you can send it right away as if I were in a studio recording. James replied, “Okay, yeah, sure. How am I going to send it to you.

Billy then proceeded to the big reveal. He said to James, “Wait, let me try to figure this out. Actually, I can just text you the bank account so you can either transfer it by wire transfer or sit or relax because it’s a prank call bro! Na-LOL ka, James Reid! “

James’ only reaction was, “Billy … oh my God.” This is how much I love you, my brother!

Billy said he thought of playing a joke on James because he knew James wouldn’t let him hang. James said to Billy, “Brother, I’m going to ***** kill you when I see you!” I love you brother!”

After the prank, Billy had a message of appreciation for James on his Instagram Stories. Billy wrote, “It’s not about your willingness to lend money. This was the real concern of a true friend. That, I respect and I admire! You are blessed for a reason, my brother! I love you my friends! “

LOL’s Twitter account also posted a videotaped message from Billy to James about the prank. He said to James, “I’m sorry I did this! I’m sorry na-prank kita but, you know what, iyong totoong kulay mo, you are true colors. And he’s just a real real friend who will do anything, sacrifice a lot of things just for the people you love and love and I salute you for that. You’re just a faithful, good, good friend. And I love you, my brother, you know that. And when you need something, don’t call me because I don’t have 5 million pesos!

Internet users were stunned by James’ response to Billy’s story of bad luck. A Facebook user named Maureen Lizette Salise posted a transcript of James and Billy’s conversation on LOL.

Praising James, she wrote in her public article (published as is): “Imagine a friend who could just let you borrow not for thousands but millions. I was really amazed at how James Reid responded to Billy without so much reaction. We still have this friend who we can really count on. Pick people we know we can run over whenever life turns upside down and never leaves it, no matter how difficult the situation may be and no matter how much help. “

At the time of going to press, the publication has 82,000 reactions, including 62,000 cardiac reactions. The Post also gained 74,000 shares. James fans were also amazed at the way he reacted to Billy, his “friend in need”, most of them saying “sana friend ko rin si James”.

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