Istanbul is making rapid progress on the path to becoming a ‘carbon-free and smart city’

Istanbul is making rapid progress on the path to becoming a ‘carbon-free and smart city’

IMM has added a new one to its efforts to fight climate change. Istanbul has become one of 100 cities accepted in the European Commission’s call to fight climate change. Having received the “Mission City” brand, Istanbul is eligible for EU funding until 2030. kazanwas. The fund allocated to R&D activities alone between 2022 and 2023 is 370 million euros.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) responded to the call of the “Mission of Cities”, established by the Commission of the European Union (EU), on the fight against the climate, last January. A total of 377 cities participated in the call. Istanbul, on the other hand, became one of the 100 accepted cities.

Candidate cities; It was selected by evaluating its adaptive capacities, its policies, its projects and its commitments in the fight against climate change. Among the cities of Turkey, including Istanbul and Izmir; It is also present in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Oslo, Glasgow, Bristol, Sarajevo, Stockholm and Helsinki.


Istanbul, which has been accepted into the “100 climate-neutral and smart cities” call under the coordination of IMM’s foreign relations department, deserves a significant fund. kazanwas. All the projects to be carried out on the fight against and adaptation to the climate will be financed by the “Mission Villes” platform. The fund allocated to R&D activities alone between 2022 and 2023 is 370 million euros. The platform will also provide technical, financial and legislative support to each city.


During the process, long-term policies will also be determined so that the city can adapt to the climate. Additional funds will be provided to address many specific issues, such as rehabilitating industrial facilities that are already increasing carbon emissions and cleaning up groundwater. Committed to being a carbon-free and smart city by 2030, Istanbul will set a precedent for the world with other cities.

Cities accepted to the call will start working on “climate city contracts” in the future. “The Climate City Conventions will create a project and an investment plan for cities to achieve climate neutrality (carbon neutral city) by 2030. These programs will be created in collaboration with local actors and citizens with the help of the EU mission platform.


The European Commission has launched platforms called “Missions” to develop realistic, measurable, research and innovation-based solutions to address and overcome major challenges facing societies. One of the platforms gathered around a total of five main themes is the Cities Mission platform.


As part of the Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission (abbreviation of Cities Mission), it is planned to support 2030 European cities to achieve climate neutrality by 100. Technical, financial and legislative support will be provided specifically to each city. . The selected cities will benefit from the support of the international coordination network and the international visibility of the cities will be increased.

As part of the process of contracting cities; In particular, InvestEU/Investment EU Programme, EIB/European Investment Bank, Just Transition Fund, Recovery and Resilience Facility, EU Regional Development Fund, European Digital Fund , private banks and other capital markets will help them access broader financing.

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