Investigation against three Tihar prison officials for ‘receiving money’ from scammer Sukesh Chandrashekhar

Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has been transferred to another prison in Tihar while three officials, including two deputy superintendents, have been sent to prison headquarters district lines after authorities discovered that one of them allegedly received Rs 1.25 lakh from Sukesh.

An initial investigation revealed that instead of transferring the money directly, Sukesh allegedly sent it via an inmate’s brother’s bank account.

DG (Prisons) Sandeep Goel said The Indian Express that they transferred Sukesh from Prison 4 to Prison 1: “We also transferred three prison staff to the headquarters and opened an investigation against them.

Last month, the Delhi police asked the prison service to allow him to survey 82 civil servants and staff at Rohini Prison under the Prevention of Corruption Act after seven officials were arrested for allegedly assisting Sukesh in extorting Rs 200 crore from the former Fortis Healthcare promoter’s wife, Shivinder Singh, Aditi Singh.

Sources said the latest incident came to light last month after the administration uncovered financial dealings between officials and Sukesh. As they were unable to determine how the money was exchanged, officials released Sukesh from Jail 4 as a precaution and questioned staff members.

During the investigation, prison officials discovered that an inmate’s brother had received Rs 1.25 lakh in his account. “Officials then interviewed the inmate, who told them that an assistant prison superintendent had taken the account details. When the latter was questioned, he confessed to taking money from Sukesh,” an official said.

He alleged that two other staff members also took their share of the amount. “The deputy superintendent of the prison said that Sukesh offered them money out of his own free will. We suspect he was luring him,” the official said.

Police had previously claimed that Sukesh paid around Rs 25-30 crore to prison staff to secure an entire barracks for himself.

Police said CCTV footage from 10 cameras installed in Rohini prison from July 14 to August 14, 2021 had been collected and covered Ward No. 3 and Barracks No. 204 where Sukesh was housed. “It was found that the surveillance cameras in Sukesh barracks were completely blocked by curtains and a box of mineral water bottles placed in front of the camera,” DCP Mohammad Ali wrote in his letter asking the prison to Tihar to grant its approval under Article 17 (A) of the PoC. Law carrying investigation/investigation against the agents of the prison n°10 of Rohini.

“No action was taken to remove the object from the view of the camera. For this facilitation, prison officials obtained a considerable sum from the proceeds of crime of Sukesh and his associates. In this regard, entries made in the CCTV log by guard Neeraj Maan, deployed in the CCTV control room of Rohini prison, were not only ignored, but Maan was also pressured and discouraged to make such entries from above This made it clear that the staff, including the senior officers of Rohini Prison No. 10, colluded with Sukesh and helped him carry out his criminal activities from the inside, making it made a haven for Sukesh,” DCP Ali said.

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