IMM celebrates its 25th anniversary in financial services

The electronic signature provider enjoys longevity serving more than 1,400 banks and credit unions

This month, IMM celebrates its 25e Anniversary serving the financial services industry. IMM is the only electronic signature supplier specializing in digital transaction solutions exclusively for financial institutions.

In 1996, IMM began as a pioneer in document-based technology solutions for financial institutions. The company, led by its original founding executives, Chuck Klein, CEO, and John Levy, executive vice president, has maintained private ownership throughout its history. This allows IMM to control key strategic business decisions and to stay focused on delivering technology solutions designed to meet real-world business challenges. Over the next two decades, the company shifted from paper document technologies to electronic document systems, including its current electronic signature platform. This unique documentary heritage, coupled with its exclusive focus on banks and credit unions, has enabled IMM to develop distinctive techniques and technological capabilities that set it apart from other electronic signature providers.

Klein said: “Essentially any great business starts with an idea that turns into a vision. Then you ask yourself: where is this going to take you? The founding of IMM was no different. When John and I started IMM, neither of us could have imagined the growth and success we would have, and the incredible clients we would have the opportunity to serve. I am very grateful for all of this, and even more to John for his dedication, commitment and leadership which has made IMM the company it is today. “

IMM’s business story began with meeting the digital technology needs of banks and credit unions, and that remains its steadfast commitment today. “We remain dedicated to this goal and continue to innovate and elevate our software and services to be best-in-class,” continued Klein. “We genuinely help financial institutions continue their digital transformation achievements and look forward to being a part of our clients’ future success. “

In addition, IMM considers its clients as “shareholders”, placing great importance on the satisfaction and success of its clients. Of IMM’s more than 1,400 financial institutions, 30% have been using its technology for 10 years or more and more than 55% rely on at least three of the company’s solutions. IMM understands the individual requirements of each client and has created its product with capabilities that make IMM eSign simply the best eSign solutions for any financial institution. Fueling millions of end-to-end digital transactions every month, IMM eSign seamlessly interfaces with existing business systems to optimize back office operations and deliver more dynamic and engaging customer experiences.

“A large part of IMM’s success can be attributed to our sole focus on the financial services industry, which we have repeatedly confirmed from financial institutions as well as our business partners when choosing,” said said Levy. “We understand that no financial institution is alike; each has its own unique operations, and our expertise and commitment to the long-term success of each client enables us not only to meet today’s business challenges, but also to anticipate and develop solutions that help guarantee success in the future. “

About IMM

For 25 years, IMM has been the leading provider of electronic signature and digital transaction solutions designed exclusively for financial institutions. Today, more than 1,400 banks and credit unions use IMM’s e-signature and digital transaction management solutions across the institution to improve the consumer experience while streamlining back-office processes across the institution. a complete, end-to-end digital processing environment.

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