How to increase the capacity of the city in humanity

Increasing the city capacity limit is necessary to create new cities in mankind and build a strong empire. Here are the methods to do it.

In Humanity, players can only rule a certain number of cities at a time, unless they want to suffer influence penalties. Increasing city capacity will increase the number of cities in which a player’s culture Humanity can work, so those looking to build a vast empire will want to know about ways to increase capacity.

Humanity is a new IP address among other 4x strategy game titans like Civilization, and with a new IP address come new ideas. The formation of cities is treated very differently in Humanity, because they must first be installed as outposts. Then, after spending a specified amount of Influence, the outpost can evolve into a city capable of building more infrastructure and neighborhoods. However, there is a limit to the number of cities a culture can rule at a time, which is called city capacity. Having more than the designated amount will result in declines in influence, and having a negative influence can create stability issues throughout the empire. This is why, to stay ahead of the game, expansionist players will have to find ways to increase their city capacity by Humanity.

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To start installing cities in Humanity, players must first establish an outpost in the territory they wish to claim. To do this, they need to determine their desired location, preferably one with high yields and resources. Next, they must select a military unit to send and press the Create Outpost button. It will take a few turns for the outpost form, but after that it can instantly become a city if the player has enough influence. Players should be wary, because the more cities they have, the more influence they will have to spend.

Increase the capacity of the city by reaching the ancient era of humanity

Classic era of humanity

As players transition from the Neolithic era to the Ancient era, they will immediately unlock two city abilities. One of these two will be dedicated to the capital, leaving only one more city at the start.

Leaders need to think carefully about where they want to create their second city and consider the resources there, the strength of adjacent tile yields, and the strategic proximity to other cultures. If players found a second choice for their capital while exploring during the Neolithic era, it would make a great second city.

Increase the capacity of the city by unlocking the technologies of humanity

Humanity's War Kinematics

At this point, the primary method of increasing the city’s capacity limit is to research specific technologies. This means that science-based cultures in Humanity, like the Babylonians or the Zhou, will be able to create cities earlier than other players.

Technologies that increase the city’s capacity include foreign outposts, commercialism, philosophy, space orbital technology, supply lines, theology, three-masted ships, and town planning. Players should keep an eye out for those in the tech tree and prioritize their research if a new city is needed.

Increase the capacity of the city by choosing specific civisms in humanity

A player uses artillery for war in Humankind

From time to time in Humanity, we will ask the culture of a player how he wishes to govern his people. These are called Civics, and three of the options can lead to an increase in city capacity.

While some civic events are triggered by certain in-game events, others happen randomly. Choosing to lead with a small council will increase the city’s capacity by one. Additionally, Civic Leadership and Civic Materials Procurement increase the cap. Hovering over each option will show the benefits of the Civic, allowing players to determine what works best for their company.

Increase the capacity of the city by choosing specific cultures in humanity

Work of Persian culture in era 5, industrial era, in mankind

All Humanity Culture players can choose to incorporate a unique inheritance trait into each new era that provides a permanent passive ability. The trait of Achaemenid Persian heritage, Shadow of Cyrus, permanently increases the citadel of culture by two. Those looking to become expansionists will want to choose this culture, provided no other player has chosen them.

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Humanity is available for PC, Macintosh OS and Stadia.

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