Here. The street market offers a “happy” moment, the opportunity to present the city center

Midland City Council has received feedback on the Lo. Street market held last Saturday at Centennial Park. The event drew over 80 vendors downtown and allowed entrepreneurs and residents across the city to enjoy commercialism, camaraderie and community camaraderie.

There will be markets in August and September as the city reviews the success of the events, including the response from community members.

The following were takeout from Lo. Street market produced by Micro Market and Lauren Johnston.

It was “happy”

During the recap of the event inside the City Hall Council Chamber, District 3 City Councilor Jack Ladd Jr. said the feeling he felt during the market was ” happy “. He spoke about the post-pandemic experience of being with Midlanders and residents of other areas, being outside, and having a celebration worth it.

Those who stepped on the podium to give their opinion on the market echoed Ladd’s comments about the joy they felt. Organizers said the vendors came from as far away as Lubbock and San Angelo. The Marketplace Facebook page also reported that there was live music, food trucks, and splash entertainment. This was not mentioned at the council meeting, but Saturday’s high temperature reached 87 degrees, 7 degrees below the normal maximum for a June 5. The event took place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Others said the event offered “something to do” that is not often on the community calendar for young people in Midland. There were also opportunities for people to “network”. Miss Cayce co-owner Becky McCraney said it was the first time she had felt “such energy in downtown Midland.”

A partnership achieved

The following are specific park rules in Midland

  • Hours: It is forbidden for any person, other than the police, firefighters and any other public or similar parapublic emergency personnel, to use, stay or be in the following parks between midnight and 6 a.m.
  • Prohibited glass containers: It is illegal for any person or persons to be in possession of a glass container in a public park, a playground or a tennis court in the city, or in any street adjoining such installation.
  • Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages: Anyone is prohibited from consuming an alcoholic beverage (as defined in VTCA, Alcoholic Beverage Code § 1.04 (1)) in or on Hogan Park and in any of the public parks listed in Article 9-5-18 of this chapter, with the exception of the parts of Hogan Park and Ulmer Park, set out in subsection (B) of this section. Possession of an alcoholic beverage that is not in the original unopened container constitutes prima facie evidence of consumption for the purposes of this section.

About alcohol consumption

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the golf course and Christensen Stadium in Hogan Park is permitted, subject to state law and applicable city ordinances.
  • The consumption of beer, and no other alcoholic beverages, is permitted in the main picnic area of ​​Hogan Park, this area being surrounded by a fence and designated as the main picnic area by appropriate signs and markings. , and within 100 feet of the picnic. tables at Ulmer Park, subject to the following conditions:
  • A. Beer must be dispensed from a metal keg and only paper or plastic cups can be used for its consumption.
  • B. Use of the main picnic area for activities including possession and consumption of beer is limited to groups of 50 or more who have previously obtained a reservation permit from the Parks Division office for the use of this area. This permit is issued on a first come, first served basis. The parks office may issue permits to smaller groups on days not booked by 50 or more people, again on a first come, first served basis.

The consumption of beer, but no other alcoholic beverages, is permitted at the Bill Williams Softball Complex in Hogan Park consisting of Fields A, B, C, D, E, and F which are all surrounded by a common fence and identified by appropriate signs, but only on days when National Championship tournaments or State tournaments are held within said complex. National Championship tournaments are defined as open to member teams of the sponsoring association or organization and at least 80 percent of competing teams are from outside the state of Texas. State tournaments are defined as tournaments open to all Texas State member teams of the sponsoring association or organization where at least 60 percent of the competing teams are from outside the County of Midland and where the champion has the opportunity to compete. other tournaments at regional, bi-regional or national level.

  • C. Consumption and possession of beer and wine, and any other alcoholic beverage, will be permitted on Centennial Plaza, subject to applicable state and local laws and regulations promulgated by the Midland Center Advisory Board, and upon approval. written from the management of the Midland Center.

Source: Town of Midland

Mayor Patrick Payton told those inside the council chamber of the success of events like Lo. Street markets are possible when partnerships take place within the community. The city, the market micro-businesses, and conservation at Centennial Park all worked to help make Lo. Street market possible.

Centennial Park has been viewed for years as a possible catalyst for downtown development and improvement. The Lo. Street Market was one example of the possibilities. Midland has already seen an increase in businesses near the park, and events follow. This weekend, the Mex-Tex Family Fiesta will take place at Centennial Park. On July 3, the Star-Spangled Salute returns downtown to the park.

City leaders also expect the park to be an anchor when a downtown entertainment district is created.

Still, things to work on

Those who attended the event and city officials said there were things that can be improved with communication after one of the first larger events featuring the Wall Street Market and Centennial Park .

These elements include awareness of Centennial Park and some of the park rules. For example, the City of Midland Parks bans glass containers and doesn’t allow alcohol (with a few exceptions), and Centennial Park is no different. If event planners apply for a special use permit in advance, alcohol may be allowed (this will be the case for Tex-Mex and Star-Spangled Salute). But generally, one cannot just take alcohol from a business or a downtown location and bring it to the park.

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