Future of trading and digital assets takes center stage at CoinGeek Zurich

Ella Qiang, Head of South East Asia at Bitcoin Association, moderated the CoinGeek Zurich conference session on the future of trading and digital assets, bringing together executives from some of the leading digital asset companies to ask their opinions on digital assets and the future of the market.

Armen Azatyan, CEO and co-founder of TDXP, said the DNA of the TDXP platform is aligned with the values ​​of bitcoin itself. It aims to cure commercialism, and dependence on power and money. Businesses start out with good things in mind, but as they grow that changes and they become cash cows, focusing more on profit rather than goal. A native blockchain company cannot change its values ​​as it grows.

As a result, TDXP is preparing to launch a loyalty program correlated to the number of merchants using the platform: the more they grow, the more they will share in profits with customers.

Jacob Salk, President of BitcoinSV.Exchange, said its new exchange was a full-service operator allowing trading and tokenization securely on the BSV blockchain. The platform supports all BSV tokens and is gearing up for a full launch in late June. Partnering with Tokenized as the underlying platform, its main goal is to create a level and transparent platform for real-time settlement.

Salk said the platform can already process 1 million transactions per second, with a goal of processing up to 5 million per second.

In particular, he said that BSV was the optimal choice for any exchange, as a high-speed network with low transaction costs, as well as its heavily underutilized network. With the Tokenized protocol built on the BSV blockchain at first, he said this made it the perfect fit for his business.

Salk said asset markets are broken in their current form. By putting these markets on the blockchain, these problems are easily rectified. Publishing public business information so people can see the efficiency of the platform is one of the many benefits of using blockchain here, for both institutional and retail investors.

Panelists at the CoinGeek conference in Zurich

Daniel Skowronski, Managing Director of Fabriik Exchange, said the Fabriik exchange is fully regulated in the United States and will soon be available to American clients. An exchange of digital assets within the Fabriik ecosystem, it aims to make “all digital” – an exchange where every asset is digital and accessible.

He also said the exchange was looking for a European license, which would allow it to offer its services to American and European clients in a timely manner. Enterprise-grade digital asset exchange also supports derivatives and enables the tokenization of real-world assets including art, real estate, collectibles, and more.

With regulation and greater professionalism in the market, he said it had become much more legitimate for large institutional investors to be interested in digital assets. With really strong custodians and tighter regulations, he describes this as a game changer for the industry. Customers have long been asking for more, but lacked the security and safety to do so. Now, with the regulations as they are, he thinks everything is in place to make it work.

Panelists at the CoinGeek conference in Zurich

The last panelist, Roger Wurzel, CEO of DLT Financial Group, said his business was primarily focused on institutional investors. A senior broker, he said his job is to connect the world of traditional assets with new assets. The regulated platform BaFin is not directly a stock exchange, but aims to facilitate the trading of all listed products on behalf of its clients.

Describing how institutional investors initially scoffed at his proposals at first, he says the position has now turned, with a lot of pressure from clients going through institutions keen to put together the best arrangements for their clients. He predicts that this trend will continue, as more institutions adjust to the need to embrace digital assets.

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