Feeless Trade launches the exchange service dedicated to the community

HAMBURG, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2021 / Feeless Trade has launched the fairest and most community-based trading services dedicated to its users. Last month, Feeless Trade Exchange raised $ 200,000 in a private funding round concluded on June 16, 2021.

Crypto trading has become one of the most popular forms of trading over the past couple of years. The 24 hour market added to price volatility makes it one of the more exciting trading classes, but some of the more popular crypto exchanges charge absurd execution prices and limitations on free trade. Feeless Trade Tokens (FLT) are here to change that notion with their revolutionary trading platform.

Feeless Trade is based on the idea that the management of money, data and identity could be a fundamental human right, the project tends to believe that decentralization is the key to empowering people everywhere on the planet. means to defend their rights, which by rushing the use of cryptocurrencies, the platform has helped the world to take ownership in this direction.

FLT tends to believe that with the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency ready to help individuals around the world manage their money and be able to access their funds anytime and from any location. To defend their knowledge with a cryptographically secured blockchain, which makes data interference very unlikely.

How FLT aims to redefine the crypto trading ecosystem

The FLT protocol will redefine the way money is moved, spent, and invested, and democratize blockchain technology by creating beautiful, easy, and meaningful money services that have a long-term, useful influence on people’s lives. Some of the key features of the sentimentless exchange include,


The company aims to use payment solutions to enable and maintain a virtuous cycle in which payment channels attract users to the platform, while business and financial services donate money that can be reinvested in. payment. Feeless Trade product solutions, which span 3 verticals, form a long-term system that supports the goal and accelerates the global transition to cryptocurrency.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Security and compliance are the cornerstones of cryptocurrency acceptance. The platform conducted a comprehensive security analysis that included external penetration testing, threat modeling, and risk management assessments, among others.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework, originally declared in 2014, is a collection of security painters for businesses in the personal sector on how to establish, assess and improve their ability to identify, protect, detect, respond and live through cyber attacks.

Support from Fiat Institutions:

The platform supports and builds more relationships with some of the largest fiduciary institutions to ensure easy onboarding and liquidity.

Feeless Trade Exchange allows users to trade cryptos by complying with the following price proposals:

  • Deep liquidity with access to the simplest execution prices.
  • High volume accounts without commercialism (after FLT staking discount) are offered at competitive fees.
  • Discounted Token Distributions (Syndicate) and Business-Oriented Competitions (Trading Arena) are just a few of the exciting events available.
  • Highly available, absolutely resilient, horizontally bottom-up elements are powered by institutional grade infrastructure.
  • Feeless Trade Exchange was started with spot trading, but as many options and promotions were brought to the platform, it has become a full-fledged commercialism platform for every retail and business user.
  • Feeless Trade Exchange also supports FLT liquidity by facilitating FT trading pairs and FLT related activities.

FLT strives to set an industry standard for a low cost trading experience; something that current major exchanges like Binance and Kucoin don’t prioritize. At Feeless Trade, traders really come first.

Tokenomics and presale

FLT is on track on its roadmap after launching the website and whitepaper as planned. The FLT protocol is now preparing for pre-sale. The total supply of the FLT market is set at 500,000,000 tokens and the initial distribution of tokens is as follows:

  • 10% private seed round
  • 30% Public Presale
  • 15% Exchange liquidity pool
  • 15% Team / Advisors
  • 30% Marketing and partnerships, bonuses and air drops, corporate reserve

To protect against massive sell-off, Feeless Trade has adopted an acquisition strategy which goes as follows (each period begins at the same time as the FLT exchange is launched):

  • Advisors: cliff 8 months then 9.33% monthly
  • Public offer: 20 days of blocking then instant access to all tokens
  • Seed Round: cliff of 6 months then 10% per month
  • Team: 1 year cliff then 9.33% monthly

This will ensure that Team and Advisor Tokens as well as Seed Streak Tokens will be used in a prudent manner to limit FLT volatility. The acquisition also lets investors know that they will not fall victim to a raffle scam. Security and insurance against rug pulling scams are critical as there have been several instances of rug pulling in the market over the past year.

To learn more about Feeless Trade Exchange, visit Feelesstrade.com

Social connections

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FeelessTrade
Telegram: https://t.me/FeelessTrade
Support: https://flteam.medium.com/

Media contact

Company: Feeless Trade (FLT)
Contact: Eric F
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.feelesstrade.com

SOURCE: Commerce Without Feelings (FLT)

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