Facebook Messenger update makes money transfers easier

Facebook is first and foremost a social networking platform, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone these days that it has gone beyond that narrow definition. The tech giant has just about anything that can be associated with social, including virtual reality or even money. Going beyond the usual culprits of product announcements and buying products on Facebook, it turned its Messenger platform into a full-fledged P2P money transfer service, which perhaps just got easier. in the latest update from Facebook.

Of course, there is no shortage of platforms that allow you to send or receive money over the Internet, with PayPal and Venmo being some of the most popular. However, not everyone has an account on these platforms and they are more likely to have a Facebook account and, therefore, a Messenger account. That’s pretty much Facebook’s spiel for Messenger’s new payment system, which is almost immediately available to anyone with a Facebook account in the United States.

However, this is not as fast as it could be, as it requires that the people sending and receiving money are already friends on the network. Unlike PayPal, which only requires knowing the recipient’s email address, this system is too cumbersome for one-off or one-time payments. This is exactly the obstacle that Facebook is now removing in its latest system update.

Facebook Pay users on Messenger can now simply access the app’s settings to retrieve their personal payment link or QR Code to distribute to those who wish to send them money. The latter is especially useful for users to whom you haven’t even sent a message before, let alone added to your friends list. This feature, however, is still only available in the US and of course requires the installation of the Messenger app.

The update also brings new themes to Messenger as well as Instagram, at least if you’ve linked the two. Messenger now also allows direct response when viewing an image so you don’t have to go back to the conversation, long-press the image, and then give your fleeting, spontaneous reaction.

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