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A few years ago, the GOP conducted a thorough review of its party and recognized that it had a problem recruiting minorities.


For years, black Americans have felt that the Republican Party has not spoken to them and does not speak to them for them. Their political agendas were not attractive to minorities as a whole. Black and Latino votes lean overwhelmingly towards Democrats in presidential elections, that should mean something to the GOP. Currently, the GOP is betting on white conservatives maintaining their majority position, rather than adjusting their policies, but that will not be the case for long.

According to the 2020 census, America is turning brown and these populations refuse to vote conservatively. For too long the GOP has tried to withdraw the minority vote by attacking them for voting for the other party. They are missing out on a key opportunity to increase their minority electoral population.

If the GOP is to make its party more attractive to minority voters, it must stop restricting voting in minority areas of the country. On the contrary, they should talk more about conservative values. Blacks and Latinos are conservative on a range of issues. They want civil liberties, free speech, safe communities, and limited government interference in their lives that appear to be talking points for the GOP.

Both of these minority groups are strong believers in the church and believe in the principles of the church. Yet the GOP does not tap into these groups for better support, as they fear losing their base that resembles them if they reach out to minority voters. No matter how hard they try, they can never truly embrace minority voters with one hand, while embracing white nationalism with the other.

Why not stand up for something that will have better support from minorities, such as the right to vote and greater access to the vote? Why not show minority voters that you want their vote to count and that you value their vote, be it for your party or the other? Why not support a broad review of police activities and policies to ensure minorities are not unfairly targeted and support the federal review of court cases to see if there is a possibility of releasing prisoners who are non-violent offenders?

The GOP could also take a stand that they will not sit idle as minority taxpayers are denied home loans when they should be eligible, as well as to ask for more funding from minority school districts. These are matters of concern to minority Americans, and the GOP is missing out on a huge opportunity to align with a majority of the minority.

Corey Carolina is an NSU graduate, entrepreneur and activist from North Tulsa, and owner of Carolina Food Co. He is also an author, his first book being “The Absent Father”.

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