Coachella Valley Tories strike the ground

Coachella Valley President The Conservatives wanted to bring Midwestern values ​​to Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley Curators took root in May 2020 on the La Quinta Nextdoor app, a neighborhood app where you can get local tips, buy and sell items, and more. Today, the group has 255 members who are part of the online forum.

It may be relatively new, but the group just announced a Sunday November 21 lunch with two contestants: Pastor Brian Hawkins and Randy Economy. Hawkins, a member of the San Jacinto City Council, challenges Democratic Representative Raul Ruiz, MD, for the 36th seat of Congress.

Economy is seeking a seat on the Equalization Council representing District 4. Economy was the senior advisor and official media spokesperson for the Recall Gavin Newsom campaign.

Lunch will be held at the Classic Club, 75-200 Classic Club Blvd., Palm Desert. Start time is 11:30 a.m.

We wanted to know a bit more about the Coachella Valley Conservatives, so we posed a series of questions to Kathryn J. Wickstrom, Vice President. Questions and answers follow.

Uken report (UR): Why Did the Coachella Valley Conservatives Start?

Kathryn J. Wickstrom (KJW): Our President, Justin Luettjohann moved from Iowa and saw the lack of grassroots effort in SoCal and thought it was time to bring some Midwestern values ​​and work ethic to the Valley .

UR: There is already a Federation of Republican Women in East Valley. How is your group different?

KJW: (We are) non-partisan, open to anyone with conservative values, official PAC, issue-oriented, and local rather than national representatives. The name of the federated women’s groups perhaps alienates a few who don’t understand that men are allowed within their organization (as associates).

UR: What is his goal? We focus heavily on local candidates at all levels: school board members, water district members, city council members, county supervisors, judges, state officials and senators, and federal officials. Additionally, we look forward to creating and / or sponsoring local events and fundraisers that will help the citizens of our wonderful Coachella Valley – including children – understand the patriotic nature of our cause.

UR: Who started it?

KJW: Justin Luettjohann

UR: Will you approve any candidates in the next election?

KJW: No endorsements during the primary application periods.

UR: Who are the leaders of the organization?

KJW: Justin Luettjohann, President; Kathryn Wickstrom, vice-president; Briana Baleskie, Treasurer / Secretary (ongoing); Mike Smith, Sergeant-at-Arms; Tom Campagna, Managing Director; Raul Castro, organizer of the Hispanic community.

UR: Something you would like to add?

KJW: (For more information, click here.) Our values ​​(are): Limited government, Rule of law, Peace through force, Fiscal responsibility, Free markets, Human dignity, Constitutional membership.

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