Buhari and APC Corrupt Nigerian Democracy, Says Ozekhome

Human rights lawyer Mike Ozekhome has accused the ruling All Progressives Congress and President Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Ret’d) of corrupting national democracy by fixing the presidential nomination form of the gone to 100 million naira.

He criticized the president, who he said decried the high cost of the form before it emerged for supporting the outrageous fee.

Ozekhome asked where the likes of Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbanjo, Minister of Labor Chris Ngige among others would get the money to buy the form.

He revealed it in a press release on Thursday evening.

The statement read: “The party hopes to raise $1.5 billion from the 15 candidates who have so far declared interest in the presidential race. By this singular act, the APC has demonstrated an insatiable and shocking bacchanalian propensity to corrupt democracy, and democratic echoes, and also to rip off the entire country.

“The vulgarity of this exercise lies not just in the abominable fees prescribed, but more in the party’s pretentious mantra of fighting corruption, using a well-orchestrated and carefully oiled Hitler’s Goebel propagandist machine of dubious pedigree.

“It is all the more heinous as we realize that it is miles away (in fact more than double) from the price set by the whipping child of the party, the opposition PDP, which has set 40 million naira ( 5 million naira) for the appointment of interests; and 35 million naira for the nomination form. The N100m is also over 100% of the N40m set by the same APC for the 2018 Presidential Nomination Form.

“President Muhammed Buhari and the APC have by this singular act set a very heinous and unpleasant example of how not to fight corruption.

“Nigerians should remember that in the lead up to the 2015 presidential elections, President Buhari strongly criticized the N27.5 million tax levied on his party’s aspirants for a presidential nomination form. He pooped it like exorbitant. It has now backed N100 million for the same financial year.

“With the new amended Elections Act 2022 setting the limit of N5 billion naira for a Presidential campaign from the previous billion naira under the Elections Act 2010, as amended, Nigeria’s politics and democracy have been completely monetized with a shift towards anti-people capitalist mercantilism.

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