Big Names Support Japan’s Impact Funding Initiative

It was a strong year for ESG-related investments in Japan. Leading fund launches like MPower Partners Fund LP have made history. But with COP 26 behind us, institutional investors seem to be continuing their momentum. As the linked press release shows, more than 20 financial institutions (many names known even outside of Japan) have signed up to an impact-driven fundraising initiative.

As part of this initiative, these institutions will play a leading role in Japan to implement impact-driven investments, implement impact measurement and management (IMM), and hold regular meetings to discuss and share best practices and challenges.

The involvement and engagement of these heavyweights in the space is a strong indication that ESG investments and funds specially designed for space are likely to become more active and popular in the short term. We can at least hope so.

“Impact investing is global and is already making its mark in global markets. It becomes necessary for Japanese financial institutions closely linked to global markets to collaborate and cooperate with global organizations that promote impact investing, while complying or referring to international standards. principles and standards developed.

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