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ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The Belmont County Board of Health addressed funding issues and construction issues when members met Monday afternoon in the Emergency Management Agency building.

Deputy Health Commissioner Robert Sproul said he would speak with Belmont County Auditor Cindi Henry about transferring unused funds from a now-discontinued Personal Accountability Education Program grant. Sproul said the state allowed the Department of Health to keep the rest of the money, but Henry was suspending the transfer of funds.

“Once the subsidy is removed, we have to transfer it to a county fund, as this subsidy is no longer offered in the county” Sproul said, adding that the funds were originally used by the health department to carry out outreach activities in juvenile detention centers. “Since they stopped the grant, that money stays in the county. “

Sproul said the money could be used for any program to benefit the county, possibly with more outreach programs.

“We will discuss with (Henry) her concerns and what she needs to do with the transfer of funds”, Sproul said at the meeting, adding that he would also consult with the county attorney for legal advice on the process.

Afterwards, Henry said the funds totaled $ 65,977.06.

“This grant ended in 2019 and was not renewed”, said Henri. “Most of the funds that are hosted here, you can’t transfer money from one fund to another because the law doesn’t allow you to do that. … (The health department) has to deliver something to me, telling me that the state has approved it.

Meanwhile, the condition of the health department building is a constant concern, with board members saying the size of the facility and parking lot are inadequate and reporting plumbing and roofing issues.

Sproul said the Belmont County Board of Commissioners approved the paving of the parking lot for $ 27,246.56.

“Our rear doors are always causing problems”, Sproul said, noting that the keys were not working and were not closing properly. The problem has been going on for about two months. “New doors and locks. … This is the wrong thing. We ask for things, it is halfway.

He is also looking forward to speaking with county commissioners about a new building in the future.

“We have ideas on the area in square feet”, he said.

“We must physically bring the commissioners into the building”, said board member Joel Braido. “We’re going to look at these doors. … We are going to examine this parking lot.

As of June, the department had administered 19,507 COVID-19 vaccines, according to nursing director Linda Mehl.

“It really slows down” Mehl said.

Sproul said immunization clinics are offered on Thursdays and Fridays at the board of health office, 68501 Bannock-Uniontown Road, St. Clairsville. Call 740-695-1202 to make an appointment. Other places are under study.

The council will meet on August 9 at noon in the EMA building, 68329 Bannock-Uniontown Road.

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