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One could say and see that the higher institutions are not frequented. The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) believes that the strike is the only thing that could make the government listen to their demands, but instead it shatters students’ dreams of their graduation year.

ASUU has planned to call an indefinite strike if its demands are not met while the government plans its campaigns and chooses the president’s successor without paying attention to higher institutions, so what will happen to our universities or students ?

As the saying goes, when two elephants fight, the grass suffers the most, as in the case of ASUU, government and students. Initially, the students are the ones who will suffer the most because the strike will delay their pursuit of education.

The ASUU going on another strike will mutilate the dreams of the students and their hope of graduating and then the government does nothing about it rather than preparing for their ambition to gain political seat and power for the 2023 elections.

The government should try to solve the problem of the strike by responding to ASUU’s demands, if not all but some of their demands, because if the strike takes effect, the students may end up committing many crimes and atrocities. they are at home, especially if they are inactive.

But all this does not affect government officials since their children do not attend federal and state tertiary institutions in Nigeria unlike other students. The children of government officials go to the best schools abroad, so they don’t know anything like the strike and the delays in their studies.

For years, the government has paid no attention to higher institutions, which has led higher institutions associations to fight for the right to education of their students by going on strike to make their voices heard. by the government. This has caused a delay in the continuation of the studies of the students.

Initially, the government should have listened to the demands of the ASUU in order to prevent the strike. They should put their children in the place of the students, ASUU and the federal government should unite to call off the strike.

Ajide Ibrahim
[email protected]

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