Aregbesola should leave Oyetola alone!

Aregbesola, on the left, and Oyetola

By Rémi Oyeyemi

“All frauds … always tend to the decadence of what they are designed to support”, reflected Richard Whately (1787 – 1863), scholar, rhetorician, logician, philosopher, economist and English theologian.

Dr Wale Bolorunduro is a very good gentleman. Very shiny. But unfortunately, on this question of Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola’s legacy in Osun State, he just threw the penalty.

Aregbesola was and still is a scourge. A pest. Contagion. This is an epidemic from which the land of Ìjèsà in particular, and the rest of Osun State in general, must be cured.

I have no dog in the confrontation between Aregbesola and his former chief of staff, who is now the executive governor of Osun State, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola. My own concern is for the well-being of my people of Ìjèsà who have been subjected to various deprivations since the monster Alimosho found his way to the land of jèsà with a questionable indigenous claim.

A self-centered centaur, Aregbesola is as fake as it gets. No matter how bright my dear brother, Dr Bolorunduro, who was his finance commissioner, the tragedy that Aregbesola represents in the annals of the state of Osun and the history of the land of Ìjèsà, could not and would never be sanitized.

The crowd he addressed in the clip is like the Roman crowd that would always applaud the last speaker no matter how unreasonable, illogical, jejune and hollow he is. They are largely uneducated. Most are there for whatever they could bring back at the end of the speech.

The most important CRITERION of any leader is the well-being of the people. The people of Osun fell victim to a locust invasion. Bloodsucking leeches. Aregbesola was the leading locust. He and his vampire gang inflicted untold hardship on the people of Osun. Hunger was everywhere, due to the non-payment of wages owed. People got sick. Many died prematurely. There was an economic anomie. Social confusion has become order. Political tyranny was disguised as militant governance. Being a curse is bad enough. But to be a “heinous curse” is a double-edged, hydra-headed sword. This is the tragic definition of Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola.

Gboyega Oyetola is from the same party. But it seems to belong to a different human nomenclature. He is not inclined to the destructive and convulsive atavism of Aregbesola. He projects the look of a thoughtful gentleman. However, despite his apron of blood in Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Oyetola tries to answer on behalf of his father and not that of his mercantilist uncle.

I did not support Oyetola’s candidacy to be governor of Osun State. But his tendency to listen has won my sympathy. He may not have been stellar in his performance (we can give many reasons why Aregbesola is the first), but the aura of calm and kindness he gave off has defused a lot of tension in politics. .

In one of my many discussions with Pa Bisi Akande, one of the things he made me understand was that he refused to intervene in the administration of Aregbesola. He told me that he didn’t like this kind of practice when he was governor. Now Aregbesola is out of Bola Ige House and yet he wants to dictate what happens there. I may not be a lover of Governor Oyetola, but I will support his desire to be independent, free from any pugnacious and destructive influence not stemming from the desire of the majority of the citizens of Osun.

Aregbesola should leave the man alone. Let Oyetola carry his water himself. Let him be tried on his own account. Failure or success, Gboyega Oyetola has his own rendezvous with History because we all witness the judgment of History on the most destructive government in the history of the State of Osun anchored by the Alájótà ( commercial dancer) clad in panties, fake governor activist who suffered and still suffers from Impulse Control Disorder which translates into an overwhelming urge to mismanage and govern badly and which ended up putting the state in ‘Osun in the ocean of debt.

Shine has its limits. We have seen the brilliance of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. The brilliance of Joseph Stalin. The inventiveness of SL Akintola and the talent of his devilish assistant, Rémi Fani-Kayode. We have seen the magnificence of many politicians deployed to the destruction of the people. No matter how sanitized their stories are, they would never be able to erase the FACTS or EVIDENCE of their macabre banter.

As I have always maintained, lies never last, history never dies, and the truth is always constant. The more lies said to justify lying, deception and fraud, the more the decadence of what it is designed to support, as Richard Whately had insisted, grows.

Aregbesola was a plague wrapped up as a blessing to the persevering people of Osun State. People are happy to have a break from his misguided leadership in Osun State.

Please leave Gboyega Oyetola alone. History awaits him too.

* Remi Oyeyemi, journalist and human rights activist, writes from the United States

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