10 beginner tips for monopolies and corporations

Civilization 6 has been constantly updated since its release in 2016, with each update bringing more and more content to the game. Some of these updates bring entirely new game modes to this historic 4X series. Monopoles and Corporations is one of the most recent, having been added in January of this year.

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Newcomers are embarking on this new game mode for Civilization 6 might find themselves a little confused as to how to start building their business empire. Here are some tips for beginners Civilization 6The quiz mode will help anyone start building a business as quickly as possible.

Plan a cultural victory

Civilization 6 screenshot of a product in a great working niche

Building a society and establishing a monopoly on a specific resource is one of the main goals of the Monopolies and Societies game mode. With a Corporation, the player can build Products. These fundamentally work much like Great Works, leading Tourism to player civilization. Monopolies further boost the tourism of civilization as a whole, which makes it important to establish one as soon as possible.

While any type of victory is viable by playing monopolies and corporations, a Cultural victory is the best choice for those looking to win. Winning through culture requires a huge amount of tourism, so creating companies and monopolies and stockpiling products will help achieve cultural victory extremely quickly.

Civilization 6 screenshot of two Silk resource nodes close together

The start of the game is very important in Civilization 6, and particularly in monopolies and corporations. Luxury resources are vital for anyone hoping to establish a monopoly. A civilization must have more than 60% of the world’s resource nodes of a particular type have a monopoly. Even before that, two resource nodes of the same type are needed to start an industry, and three are needed to start a company.

Suffice to say that the players will have to start hunting for luxury resources as soon as possible. Building Scouts early in the game will be extremely important in order to research as many Resource Nodes as possible.

Focus on the construction of the settlers

Civilization 6 screenshot of the construction screen with the Settler tooltip

It is not enough to find luxury resources. It is important to monitor these resource nodes as well. However, it is unlikely that a player can find enough of the same resource to build a monopoly with only a few cities.

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This is why it is necessary build settlers with scouts. Since the cost for a settler is quite prohibitive, players are not advised to build settlers endlessly. However, since luxury resources are often spread around the world, building settlers will be required in order to exercise control over them.

Promote campuses and commercial hubs

Civilization 6 screenshot of the construction screen showing the different neighborhoods including campus and mall

As districts, campuses and malls are already very important, as they offer huge bonuses to science and gold. However, in monopolies and corporations, these districts have additional importance.

The players will have to leave far enough in the tech tree to get the Economy tech, which allows the construction of corporations. Campuses will provide gamers with many methods to boost their science so that they can reach that particular technology faster. Besides, Commercial hubs will allow you to accumulate points to obtain a great merchant, what is needed to start a company in the first place.

Head straight to currency and economics

Civilization 6 screenshot of the Currency technology-centric tech tree

In order to start building industries and businesses, the right technology is needed. The player will need Currency technology to build industries and Economy technology to build societies. It will take a long time, so players should prioritize these technologies over others.

Between the two technologies, The economy will be the most difficult technology to reach. Players can make things easier by building traders and banks. This will trigger Eurekas for both technologies, which will dramatically shorten the research time.

Get civic mercantilism

Civilization 6 screenshot of the commercialism centric civic tree with tooltip

Obtaining monetary and economic technology is fundamentally necessary for the efficient development of industries and businesses. In comparison, there is no particularly good citizenship required to establish a corporation or even a monopoly. However, there is a good citizenship that players should always strive for as soon as possible.

In the Monopolies and Corporations game mode, Commercialilism allows players to see exactly how many resource nodes each luxury resource has. This is a vital knowledge to have, especially when trying to establish a monopoly. While it is possible to be successful in monopolies and corporations without good citizenship, it offers a distinct advantage.

Watch out for city-states

Singapore city-state Civilization 6 screenshot highlighting the Amber Luxury Resource node

Sometimes a luxury resource node can end up under the control of a city-state. This node could be the difference between being able to establish a monopoly and being excluded from it, so it is important to make sure to verify whether a neighboring city-state has taken a valuable resource node.

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Of course, you don’t have to immediately jump to war to gain control of a single Resource Node. Just yousing emissaries to establish sovereignty over this city-state is more than enough. Having a stable source of emissaries is important to ensure that a certain city-state remains under the player’s control.

Take advantage of industry and business rewards

Civilization 6 screenshot of a Silk-based company with a tooltip showing the bonus

Once an industry is established, the player will receive a specific bonus based on the luxury resource. These bonuses are quite powerful and transform industry into society will double the effect of the bonus, giving it a strong effect on the player’s civilization.

Since players can create several corporations in their civilization (within the limit of one per city), it is possible to accumulate these bonuses. Using these bonuses can be a key factor in achieving victory no matter what type the player is heading towards.

Prevent natural disasters

Civilization 6 screenshot of the construction screen with the Dam tooltip

Corporations are rather robust improvements. Unlike other improvements, they cannot be looted or destroyed by enemy attacks. This means that even in the midst of a war, players cannot lose their companies due to the onslaught of their enemies.

However, companies can be damaged by natural disasters, a new mechanic added during the Gathering Storm expansion. To avoid such a tragedy, it is important to build dams and other facilities to prevent natural disasters. While not all natural disasters can be stopped this way, players can mitigate possible damage to their society in this way.

Don’t forget the final phase

Screenshot of Civilization 6 in-game victory leaderboard

Monopolies and corporations are a lot of work, but they can offer a lot of benefits to players who put in effort. However, this effort can be in vain if the player forgets to focus on the actual winning conditions.

While monopolies and corporations can do a lot to get players to the finish line, it’s important to remember to also make efforts to achieve real victory conditions. Make sure you don’t spend too much time focusing on building corporations so that other civilizations get to the point first.

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