What is mortgage savings?


Let’s talk about mortgage savings and their benefits. If you are looking for a mortgage loan; You will know that you need to provide certain income to qualify for it.

Demonstrate our saving capacity

Demonstrate our saving capacity

However, we do not always have all the documents that demonstrate our saving capacity. For this there is a mortgage savings account.

It allows to generate a form of qualification for the loan. In it you will have the possibility of supporting your ability to pay the fees. The months saved will be relative to the initial fee you can contribute.

Mortgage savings are intended for people who carry out economic activities whose income you cannot provide through documents. And each monthly amount will be calculated in relation to the mortgage loan fee.

However you must be attentive

However you must be attentive

The delay or failure to make any of the deposits; Even the cancellation of the account, ruin your record. It is also not a common account.

Here you will not be able to mobilize your money towards other accounts, or withdraw it from time to time. Remember that this type of mortgage savings, only seeks to show that if you have income; and since these are not established within the framework of a specific work, the statements of account are demonstrated.

One of the advantages is that you can generate savings in both your currency and dollars. In addition, the money that is concentrated here generates interest. Therefore, your savings for your home are revalued.

Also, the account does not generate maintenance costs

Also, the account does not generate maintenance costs

And it is accompanied by timely advice from the experts; who will point out the movements to be made.

A mortgage savings account is one of your best options. Especially if you are receiving support from outside of a relative. This can send you money and allocate it to your savings account, collaborating with your record.

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