Home insurance: What are the most basic and cheap coverages I can hire?


Home or home insurance has begun to earn more insured. Thefts and disasters at home can happen without one expecting it, which is why more people are evaluating their budget and looking for an alternative that fits their profile.

In the market there are different options to insure your home, whether it is a house or an apartment. Prices will also vary and depend on what you want to ensure (the building, the content, or both), as well as the type of protection you want, in addition to the additional benefits you seek.

For those who have a slightly tighter budget, the basic policy is an interesting option because it includes the most important coverage at a reasonable price.

All risk coverage

All risk coverage

This coverage is responsible for protecting your home in case of fire, explosion, water damage, such as floods or leaks, among others. In addition to the damage caused by natural disasters such as tremor, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc.

Theft or attempted theft

Theft or attempted theft

This coverage will take effect if you also insure the content, and will cover losses caused by theft or attempted theft.

Civil liability
In the event of an accident inside the home that leaves others affected and the insured must bear these expenses.

Personal accidents inside the place

Personal accidents inside the place

Accidental deaths and burial expenses are included.

In addition, each insurer includes additional benefits such as emergency assistance (gas stations, electricians, etc.), online doctors, ambulances by accident, etc. Even by requesting the most basic policy of all, you can access many of these benefits.

Each insurer has different conditions, but in general these are the coverages that a basic package can include. In this way, your home will be protected for a small monthly fee, and in case of any accident, your insurer will answer for you, without damaging your budget and avoiding you a dislike.

Remember that in the market there are several options for home insurance.

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